Free AUV in Ocean Observation System Workshop



We apologize for the very short notice but we would like to invite you to a one day “AUVs in Ocean Observation Systems” Workshop to be held the day before USYS’12 in Shah Alam, Malaysia on Dec 4, 2012. The workshop will be free to the participants and include lunch on the 4th. A short presentation will be requested from the participants. If you choose not to make a presentation then please provide a short whitepaper to be included in the final report that addresses the goals of these workshop as defined below. The presentations can be informal but must be accompanied by a written summary of your talk or a copy your Powerpoint™ presentation to be included in the final report.


It is clear that the future will see the spread of deep water ocean observation systems. These observatories will gather data to support a complex, interdisciplinary set of scientific observations which will be useful for more holistic analysis of the actual conditions.

They will include the continuous presence of robotic vehicles and intelligent autonomous platforms tasked to sample data on a broad range of temporal and spatial scales. Autonomous Undersea Vehicles (AUVS) will most certainly be one of the necessary tools in the toolkit of the ocean scientist utilizing these Ocean Observation Systems (OOS).

While it is clear that the many programs and people involved with those programs will utilize AUVs to accomplish data gathering tasks as well as other support tasks, it really is not clear what those tasks are and what their importance is. The definition of those tasks will vary depending on each specific OOS. International objectives may vary hence the tasking of AUVs will also vary in order to conform to those objectives. We must begin to understand those tasks in order to provide guidance for future and current research, development, and operational activities.

We propose to establish a series of workshops that focus on understanding the most important tasks an AUV system must perform to support the OOS activities. These workshops will be limited to a small number of researchers interested in AUVs and OOS science. The workshops will include participants from the international community. They will be one day meetings of 25 to 35 people and consist of presented papers and informal discussions that will lead to the compilation of a short report that will summarize the results of the workshop discussions and compile the presentations and other written documents presented for the participants.

Topics of interest

The workshops will consist of presentations, discussions, and activities that will attempt to:

i. Identify all of the programs that are underway or being considered and the timelines associated with those programs and to identify a contact that we might include in future meetings.

ii. Define the tasks required of current and future AUV systems

iii. Set a priority associated with those required tasks.

iv. Define the capabilities required for accomplishing those tasks.

v. Identify and agree on the structure of a "special interest group" that might bring together AUV developers and scientific users interested in applying AUV systems to support Ocean Bottom Observatories.

How to join

This first workshop will be held in conjunction with the USYS’12 meeting to be held in Shah Alam, Malaysia. The OOS Workshop will be held on December 4th, 2012, the day before the USYS’12 meeting to be held at the same venue on the 5th and 6th of December.

Presentations, requested from each of the attendees will be presented. They will help all of the participants understand the interests and insights of the presenter. Following this, a discussion will be undertaken to integrate the efforts into a document describing the results of the meeting.

We hope to have a number of countries represented at this meeting and to develop new collaborations focused on understanding the needs of AUVs in current and future OOS activities.

A plenary group will help focus the discussions of the meeting and define the goals of the workshop. If you would like to be a member of this group, please let us know. Your help will be appreciated.

If you have an interest in this activity and would like to participate in this workshop please email:

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Special registration rates are provided for Workshop participants who would like to attend and participate in USYS'12.

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