Novel and Noble!


Novel and Noble!

Volume 6 Issue 1 News & Resources | January 2013


The act of giving is not limited to the show of kindness that one portrays to others, or the goodly act of an organization proving that there is more to life than taking or gaining worldly things. The same similitude applies to other form of system or “living” organisms. The act of enriching those around us is so embedded in our DNA that it seems so weird for not doing anything other than serving ones desire, especially in dire situations and straitened conditions. The fact that sometimes we have more than we need is in itself a proof that giving is an act worth doing. The gratification of gaining can never match the feeling of self-worth and satisfaction as a result of giving and sharing. Yes, giving and sharing is the way forward. The more we give, the more we gain. This notion has been proven to be true, again and again, in various domains of human endeavors. The act of giving must now be exploited to the fullest extent, in order to acquire the greatest of benefits. But then, one must have in order to give. And, this simple statement summarizes our greatest challenge. In having lies giving, vice versa.

Hesitation to share arises when one feels inadequate or insufficient. No matter how much one accumulates things, the feeling of dissatisfaction will always hound him/her. Nothing, it seems, will fulfill the thirst for more. Having more will strengthen rather than soften the hold of greediness. And this applies to all types of ownership, be it monetary things or even the hording of knowledge. As much as one would like to keep, the only meaningful behavior will be in the act of making use of the horded treasures. In knowledge, it can only grow more in sharing and educating others. The body of knowledge can even be made more meaningful when they are shared and utilized in real-life problem solving applications. This is the crux of the matter when knowledge are put in its appropriate position, and not kept hidden from the masses. The act of disseminating knowledge and the urge to enlighten others must be cultivated and encouraged. This will ensure long term sustainability of the knowledge provider as it creates an immediate circle of influence and support. The linkages created will also ensure greater exposure and unchallenged reasoning for existence for the knowledge provider, although this may not be the initial motivation for giving and sharing. The unseen benefits will be difficult to anticipate. Yes, nothing beats surprises, especially the joy of getting it.

The act of simplicity will be another good trait that we will try to instill in all that we do in the coming months. Some said that the act of perfection is not of adding new parts to something, but of taking parts away from that something, and yet it still function to what we intend it to be. The act of simplicity is to avoid unnecessary parts and requirements. The simpler the system the more robust and easier the handling, this is the mantra. By aiming for the simple, yet functional system, we will ensure more cost effective and realistic the spending will be. By initiating the design and development with simple steps and way forward, we will certainly avoid the ugly mistakes of taking things for granted. Every step or action being taken will be very clear and also tactful. Sometimes the best solution is for the simplest option. Although in hindsight, the solution is crystal clear, it takes experience and knowledge to make correct foresight. Yes, everything looks easier in retrospect. So, the design and development efforts to address for research problems must always opt for the simplest, rather than the most complex solution. The “no free lunch” movement will certainly vouch for this statement. This is not a “zero-sum game”, rather a practical trade-offs kind of approach.

For URRG and its members, 2013 should be look upon as another opportunity to create history and legacy. The past few years have shown that we have the capabilities and capacities to succeed. There are many success stories, and so do our failures. We must always strive for the best in whatever we do. And, for this year, we will explore the potential for sharing and giving, and also putting simplicity as the main idea behind each new design and novel system being envisaged. Many sales guru say that products are bought not because they are cheap, but because they offer the best solution to people’s problems. The customers are buying solutions, not products. Hence, in conducting R&D work, we must always provide real-life solutions, and not just beautifully crafted products. The solutions we proposed must be logical for the customers, and must not look intimidating, which immediately implies some probable complex after-sales problems. Yes, being simple will be the best option. With the era of outcome-based budgeting in the picture, we no longer have the luxury to spend and be superfluous, but are forced to optimized and be more economical.

2013 will be a year of knowledge sharing and know-how dissemination to the masses. We will put every effort for the fulfillment of these noble aims. The way to do this will be via the simplest option. Our intention is clear and direct. We really would like to serve and be counted in nation building. The outcome might not fulfill the expectation of some, but, in the final analysis, to create real impact, we must look to the masses, and not otherwise.

“We should give as we would receive, cheerfully, quickly, and without hesitation; for there is no grace in a benefit that sticks to the fingers” - Seneca

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Written by : 
Assc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Rizal Arshad 
School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering 
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