Point to Multipoint Communication using Digi RF Module

Point to Multipoint Communication using Digi RF Modulebutton4

By: Mad Helmi Bin Ab. Majid (PhD Student)


In this article, we are going to discuss about the point-to-multipoint communication between three RF Modules (In this case Digi Xtend). The setup for testing is shown in Figure 1 for both receiver modules and transmitter module. Here we use Arduino Mega 2560 as the host for the modules.

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Figure 1 Transmitter and Receiver pin configuration

Note for point-to-multipoint communication, base and remote module configurations should be set accordingly in order for the base module to communicate with the remote modules. This change can be performed using XCTU software as shown in Figure 2. However, the MY (source address) of the remote modules is set using terminal program X-CTU terminal tab. In this case only remotes modules with address of FFFF could communicate with base module with address of 0 and vice versa.

Base Module:

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Remote Modules:

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Figure 2 XCTU configurations for point to multipoint communication


After connection, we program the Arduino board as follow:

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To ensure success of the testing connects the Receiver Arduino to a computer, open Arduino IDE serial monitor and select the corresponding port. If the connection is correct and no error occurs, the following result should be observed in the serial monitor for each receiver’s module host: