3D Simulation Software For Underwater Application (Mini-ROV)



vo3 jan1Mohd Salzahrin Mohd Hamzah

Research Officer, Postgraduate Student

B.eng. in Electronic Engineering (USM)

Project Title: Project Title: 3D Virtual Simulation for Underwater Application.



The 3D virtual world is an unreal environment represented in 3D.The concept is to link both digital technology and computer vision and become a tool to carry out engineering studies, design analysis and architectural projects.

The 3D virtual environment allows a combination of real and virtual robots to work together for a system-wide study and measurement. The digital signal from controller and sensors which is mounted on the underwater vehicle generates 3D animation on the monitor.

The 3D model is design by using the Webots software. This project presents a simulation-based approach that allows a cooperative robotic system to be effectively evaluated in a virtual environment with combined real and virtual robots.


vol3 jan2



Webots is a professional mobile robot simulation software package. It contains a rapid prototyping tool, allowing user to create 3D virtual worlds.

A world in Webots is a 3D virtual environment in which we can create objects and robots. A world is a hierarchical structure where objects can contain other objects. As to run the simulation,it needs a controller in Webots is an executable binary file which is used to control a robot described in world file. The control may be native executable files (exe in windows) or Java binary files (class).