ANSYS FLUENT Tutorial for Beginner: Part 2 (Flow Domain)


ANSYS FLUENT Tutorial for Beginner: Part 2 (Flow Domain)

By: Herdawatie Abdul Kadir (PhD Student)


In previous chapter entitled “ANSYS FLUENT tutorial for beginner: Part 1”, we discuss on how to draw a geometry. Therefore, in this part we discuss on the flow domain. In order to decide the flow domain, we must make sure that the shape is adequate and do not interfere the flow field on the geometry.


5a june15Figure 1: Basic steps for ANSYS


STEP 1: Drawing geometry and flow domain


(ii) Flow domain

(Continue from previous article). After you have imported the geometry, double click the geometry icon as shown below.


5b june15

Then click generate. After that, you are ready to draw the flow domain.


5c june15


There are several types of the flow domain/ far-field that you can choose. However the selection depends on your environment and flow needs. Tips: the domain must be at least 5 to 10 chords upstream and 10 to 20 chords downstream of the body depending on the Reynolds number flows.


5d june15

Figure 2 : Examples of flow domain shape


5e june15

5f june15

Tips: Make sure you select the geometry as cut material (after drawing the domain, delete the geometry and reinsert back, then the cut material icon will be display)


5g june15

5h june15



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