:: Underwater Vechicle Technology
Research Topic:>> Design and Development of underwater inspection and monitoring system.
>> A portable Minesweeping Underwater Robotics System.
>> Flexible manipulator for object handling for an underwater robot.
>> Autonomous underwater mapping using hybrid system approach.
>> Bio-inspired Underwater Robotic System Using CPG
:: Applied Robot Technology
Research Topic:>> An intelligent Tunnel Inspection System
>> Flexible, Compact and Modular Inspection System Platform Design and Development
>> Design & Development of Anthromorphic Robot Manipulator for Rehabilitative Application
>> Autonomous underwater mapping using hybrid system approach.
>> An Efficient Brick-Laying Robot System.
>> Flexible manipulator design.
:: Biomedical System
Research Topic:>> Human Motion Tracking and Analysis
>> Group Motion Detection and Tracking
>> 3D Human Motion Visualization
>> Camera Calibration
>> Sport Analysis
>> 3D Human Rehabilitation Methods
:: Tracking and Localization
Research Topic:>> Underwater Target Tracking With Autonomous Sensor Network
>> Underwater Sensor Fusion Acoustic Localization
>> Robust Particle Filter SLAM: Simultaneous Localization and Mapping